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Expert In Personal Development

Carlton Wilborn is an award-winning, globally celebrated performer, creative director, writer and producer. Not to mention being an acclaimed Life Coach for over a decade. 

His dedication to being 'sent' for empowerment teaching – igniting freedom, courage and healing – has enabled him to contribute his knowledge and wisdom to churches, non-for-profit organizations, corporations and a cross-section of individuals internationally.

His personal development work as a life coach, workshop leader and event speaker is supported by a multitude of self-awareness methodologies he has cultivated over the years; including Religious Science Practice, the Bible, the Kabbalah, the 12 Step Sobriety Program, and Meditation, along with this sweet experiment called Living.

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 Please be in a quiet place without distractions, with a computer nearby, on the day & time your Zoom session is scheduled with a pen & paper to take notes.

 I understand that you might have questions about myself, my journey and my Fierce Alchemist 1.0 system. Please prepare your questions in advance, so that we can hit the ground running when we Zoom.

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Client Testimonials

“Carlton Wilborn's Fierce Alchemist 1.0 program helped me take my business to the next level. He brought out a side of me that I didn't even know existed. I got to be a newer, better version of myself. 
Immense growth.
- Lafaya Mitchell, Entrepreneur

There must be a God because he guided me to you Carlton Wilborn and your Fierce Alchemist 1.0 empowerment program. As I venture forward, I do so with renewed belief in myself - with forgiveness, kindness, integrity, patience and vision... If anyone out there is struggling, stuck, depressed, confused or lost, I pray they consider talking with you.
- Georgelaine, Drummer

“Mr. Wilborn is very attentive, caring and truly inspiring to our younger generation of Americans; moving us from being, simply, the MTV Generation, to become the ones to change the world in the 21st Century. He is truly one of the nations best inspirational life coaches and self-development teachers, always speaking to the human soul with his humanity.”
- Jose Angel Manaiza, Jr., The New All-American Boy

“Working with Carlton has helped me to be more authentically and powerfully involved in making big changes in my life and in my career as an artist. He is truly a force; whenever I speak with him, he helps me to become more aware of my own still-untapped potential and to deal with my personal responsibilities in a powerful way.”
- Emiko North, Graphic Artist

Special Acknowledgement

Rahm Emanuel, MAYOR OF THE CITY OF CHICAGO proclaimed February 5, 2017 as Carlton Wilborn Day In Chicago “in recognition of his extraordinary life & enduring efforts that impact culture, inform community, and inspire change.”

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